As simple as Tick, Edit, Generate.

Asendium is the next evolution of financial planning  software designed for complete automation across your Fact Find, Strategy Paper and File Notes. Designed by ex-financial planners for financial planners, we simplify the advice process to help you navigate the complexity of providing advice in the 21st Century. 


Customise As You Grow

Asendium adapts to the everchanging demands of your practice across all aspects of operational and financial planning needs. Choose from our selection of downloadable workflow processes, educational content and client friendly templates so that you stay ahead of the momentum of your business.


Gain Instant Insights

Gain microscopic insight into your client database and practice operations through our reporting system. Run insightful reports from clients who are your highest return on investment to the advice opportunities of your new client book. Always stay up to date with the health of your client files through our audit reporting module.


Advice In 10 hours

The more time your advice stays in research, the less money you make. Our software allows you to generate more comprehensive advice each year. From the initial meeting to the completion of your research, your advice will only ever take 10 hours or less (based on our best estimates) – provided you have collected all the information in the first meeting.

Why Asendium?

We give you back your time, allowing you spend more time with your clients and less time completing tedious administration. Through our intuitive software solution, we have made it 100% tailorable for your practice. With one flat monthly fee, you will receive a comprehensive solution. As your practice grows, Asendium will be there to grow with you.

We are fastidious to the point of obsession – even down to that single word that you use in a sentence. Everything has a place. We know this could be what the auditor picks up or the client construes in a different meaning, so we take no chances. It’s about getting every aspect right from A to Z, every time.   

  • Intuitive Design - This software has been specifically designed so you can operate your financial planning practice efficiently through full automation across the advice process.
  • Ongoing Support - Online and off-line support is available with our online library and in-house dedicated adviser relationships team.
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly – Take your advice anywhere and complete your advice when it suits you, whether that be on your commute home or as you have your meeting with your client.

What's Your Time Worth?

Remember when you needed ten different subscriptions to operate your advice practice and yet, it still took you the same amount of time to complete your advice? Well, Asendium users will be able to forgot about those horrid days. 

Regardless of what your fee schedule is, you will always increase your profitability and efficiency with Asendium. Try our calculators now to discover how many extra cases you can complete in a year with Asendium. 

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