Reimagining Financial Advice

Asendium supports you in your advice process around compliance driven document generation by automating the creation of advice documents. We create micro efficiencies that have a macro impact in your advice business.

Gain the Upper Hand in Your File Notes

Generate detailed File Notes for a wide range of File Note types. Our Automated File Notes cover the new regulatory climate and follow the traditional progression of a meeting with wording is populated into an editable document for you to customise.

File Notes Made Simple

Up to 90% Efficiency

Proven to increase the efficiency in your advice business by up to 90%, we free up an average of 30+ days per year of your time. You can now refocus on building stronger relationships with your existing clients, business growth and most importantly, helping more people seek advice.

Never Miss a Thing

Our guided and structured approach to File Note creation transforms your documentation process from a sterile process to a story driven and engaging process. Our system prompts you so that you never miss an important component of your File Note.

Bespoke Design

Design Asendium Lite to suit your client engagement and advice process. With minimal input of hours from your end, our design process is seamless. Our bespoke design most suitable for licensees with 1-50 financial advisers.

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