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Join businesses around Australia who are saving 90% of their time by automating their manual data entries with Asendium Lite. Designed by financial advisers, for financial advisers, Asendium Lite alleviates the stress of delivering compliance documents to your clients. 

Advice should be as simple as Tick. Edit. Generate.

Built Out Of Necessity

Built by a former financial advice practice, First Class Wealth, Asendium is an intuitive solution that reflects the nuances of the financial advice process in a simple to use solution. Asendium reduces repetitive and tedious manual data entry required to generate compliance documents, allowing you to spend more time with your clients. Generate Fact Finds, File Notes and Terms of Engagements with ease and confidence.

Product Features

Digital Fact Find

Complete a comprehensive and structured digital Fact Find efficiently from start to finish. Generate wording surrounding the features, benefits and any discussion you have had with your client about their Risk Profile or Insurance Needs will be populated with the relevant disclosures, warnings and sample discussion topics. Generation time | 15 mins

Downloads Centre

As part of your subscription, we have downloadable resources available to help you and your team improve efficiency, procedures and client engagement. All downloads are general in nature and are not specific to one provider, giving you the flexibility to customise as you need. Continue your team and business development without spending hours developing workflows, processes and procedures. Leave that to us. As we release new downloadable resources throughout the year, we will notify you so you never miss out. Implementation time | Instantaneous

Transparent Terms of Engagements

Generate transparent Terms of Engagements for Initial and Ongoing Service Advice. Our Terms of Engagements focus heavily on providing your client with a detailed and transparent breakdown of your fee, including where it is paid from and the percentage allocation to each area of advice. This document is comprehensive and client friendly. Generation time | 5 mins

Online File Notes

Generate detailed File Notes for the Fact Find Meeting, Statement of Advice, Record of Advice Meeting, Investment Portfolio Review Meeting and Ongoing Service Review Meeting. The File Notes follow the traditional progression of a meeting with wording is populated into an editable document for you to customise. Generation time | 5 mins

Rather than complaining about having no time, you could have been...

Completing more cases

Our documents take 3-15 mins to complete; meaning that you could complete more cases every year just by automating the generation of factual information of the features and benefits, standard explanations of the risks and warnings and standard dealer group approved disclosures required in every advice document.

100% in control of your output

Regardless of how you’re feeling day to day, you can rest assured that your quality won’t slip. We provide editable smart boxes in each document to allow you to add additional reasonings and wording, particularly around the emotional state of your clients and other soft cues. The added text is then populated into the relevant sections of all documents. Once documents are generated, it is still editable for further personalisation by you.

Just get on with the important S***

We grow as you grow

Our documents are designed to be comprehensive, but general in nature; meaning we can customise Asendium Lite to reflect your client engagement and advice process. Customisation requires minimal input of hours from your end as our customisation process is seamless and dow not disturb your daily operations. Regardless of whether you are self-licensed financial adviser or operate a small dealer group of 15 advisers or less, our solution grows with you.

Minimal learning curve

When we ran First Class Wealth, we hated the steep learning curve associated with new tech solutions. That’s why when we designed Asendium Lite, we wanted to ensure that people of all technical proficiencies can use our solution. As part of the onboarding, we offer a 2-hour video/face-to-face training session for you and your team. Additional training may be requested via video or face-to-face but from our experience, 2 hours is all you need.

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