Looking to Adopt Asendium? It’s Simple AF!

Everyone hates becoming a novice at something. We naturally shy away from things that are challenging and put off learning new tech solutions that seem complex from the outside.

With the new ‘work from home’ environment, businesses are having to go through the natural learning curve in order to successfully adapt to the current state of the work environment. Businesses need to dedicate some time into learning new tech solutions that can be accessible in every work environment.

While some tech solutions are complex and cumbersome to adopt, Asendium Lite is simple AF. How simple, you ask? Here are some answers to our commonly asked questions, that demonstrate just how simple it is to onboard Asendium Lite for you and your team.

How long is the onboarding process?

It depends on how much customisation is required. As part of the onboarding process, you sign up to our monthly or annual subscription. Once you have access to our online Fact Find, File Notes and Terms of Engagement, you begin mapping out the changes required. Once the changes have been confirmed by you, we being making modifications to your setup for an initial review. On average, it takes 2-3 reviews before your customisation is complete; depending on the complexity of customisation required.

You may request additional changes after the initial scope of modifications at any time during your subscription with Asendium Lite to ensure that our software scales with your practice and compliance standards.

How do I incorporate Asendium Lite into my existing process?

Instead of manually typing into an empty box in your CRM, you simply switch to generating your Fact Finds and File Notes with Asendium Lite. It’s as simple as changing to another screen on your computer. Our online Fact Find and File Notes are structured so that they guide you through every step of the way and meet your compliance requirements.

Our layout is customisable to how you best navigate your Fact Find and File Notes. For example, if you prefer tick boxes over drop-down boxes, we can make the required adjustments according to your box preference to ensure that you are maximising the efficiencies of Asendium Lite. By having a solution tailored to your compliance process, you save more than 50% of your current generation time. From our current users, we have seen a time savings of up to 85%-90%.

Do I need to retrain my team on an entirely new process?

Heck no! Asendium Lite is simple to use and intuitively designed so that you and your team can be onboarded within two hours. We build your compliance process into our automated infrastructure by allowing you to modify our existing layout so you don’t need to waste time retraining your staff. Asendium Lite is designed for professionals of all technical proficiencies with training done online via zoom by the Asendium team, allowing us to reach your team, anywhere in the world.

Asendium Lite comes with information boxes that guide you through our Fact Find and File Notes. The information boxes can be tailored to your preferences, meaning we can include more guidance points in the system if needed. We are guided by your compliance process and in doing so, reduce your burden of retraining your team as it’s similar to your existing system – only significantly more efficient.

Does Asendium Lite feed into my CRM?

We can feed the outputs generated by Asendium Lite directly into your CRM by creating a rule system in your outlook which directly sends the Word/PDF document to your CRM. This will require setting up rules in your Outlook and CRM to recognise the document in order for it to be uploaded to the correct client file. Once this is done, you have a seamless integration from Asendium Lite to your CRM. We are progressing towards an API plugin to provide financial data feeds into Asendium Lite and this integration will provide further efficiencies in your generation time.

Once you get over the small learning curve, Asendium Lite will become your best asset in your arsenal when it comes to delivering advice from home. Book a demo now and start customising.

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