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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Does Asendium Lite replace my existing CRM?

        No, Asendium Lite is a supportive tool to use alongside your existing CRM. In the future, we will be launching Asendium (full version) and this will function as a replacement CRM.

        Does Asendium Lite provide a compliance guarantee?

        No. The software and wording we have developed to include in your documentation does not come with a compliance guarantee. Our wording is general in nature and structured in a way to allow you to build upon it and personalise it for your client. For example, when you discuss certain features or options for insurance you will typically use the same wording for the explanation but then build upon the explanation to personalise it to the clients reasoning. We provide the explanations and you can personalise them. Further to this, we provide general wording for discussions you may have around the Risk Profile and Insurance Needs Analysis which you can build upon through further personalisation. You may even begin using some of the wording as discussion points with your client that may not have arisen before. Most businesses in the industry today cannot provide a Compliance Guarantee but we can provide you general foundation wording to build upon. We encourage you to speak to your Dealer Group and engage with them to make sure the advice wording being used is to their desired standards.

        Can I use one subscription for multiple people?

        Asendium Lite is IP address protected for security. If you have a login for yourself and you have an administrator overseas or in a different location across the state, you will only be able to login from one location. This is to provide security and assurance that no unauthorised person accesses your account. You will require a subscription for each team member.

        Can I download the Fact Find as a template?

        Yes. You are able to download a blank Asendium Lite Fact Find for use as you like. Please note, we will regularly be updating the Fact Find with new sections or new wording to further improve the quality of the Fact Find used through Asendium Lite, but we will keep you updated in relation to any changes.

        Will there be a Strategy Paper module for Asendium Lite?

        Yes. We are currently in the process of developing a Strategy Paper module to be included in Asendium Lite for your use. The Strategy Paper module will allow you to generate the Strategy Paper outline quickly through a series of tick boxes and options. The output will not be the final Strategy Paper for the client and will require personalisation.

        Is there a lock-in contract?

        No, we do not have a lock-in contract.

        What are the payment options for Asendium Lite?

        Asendium Lite offers two payment options: • Monthly subscription at $149.00, paid via debit of your debit/credit card. • Annual subscription at $1,200, paid via debit of your debit/credit card.

        How do I cancel my subscription?

        The cancellation applies to the two methods of payment below: • Monthly subscription: This can be cancelled by emailing our team at Simply request to cancel your subscription and provide your account ID. We require you to send the cancellation request by the 25th of each month. Please be aware, that you will receive a full 30 days’ worth of use for the monthly subscription, if you wish to cancel it after 14 days of use for example, you will still receive another 16 days of use and then the subscription will cease. • Annual subscription: This is a once off payment that provides you twelve months of access to Asendium – Lite and this can be cancelled by emailing our team at Once the annual subscription is paid, there is no cancellation of the service. You will receive twelve months of use of Asendium Lite and if you wish to cancel the subscription, it will not continue into the next 12 months.
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