Let's be honest, auditors have a tough job these days.

In the current financial advice landscape, auditors are required to go through dozens of loosely connected (whether digital or paper based) Fact Finds, File Notes, Strategy Papers and Statements of Advice as they try to piece together the advice that was created and presented to the client.

With everything that auditors have to analyse and interpret, including but not limited to, the rationale of your recommendations and how you arrive at them, financial planners are left contemplating, “Are my files setting me up for the best results?".

The current process of paper-based files may lead to accidental mistakes such as paper notes sliding out of your paper file and down the back of your desk without you noticing, or accidentally placing the document into the wrong file. These accidental mistakes can result in the auditor spending more time looking for documents as opposed to evaluating. The current auditing process is a nightmare for both financial planners and auditors.

With Asendium, your files are locked up within a Case File that categorises and creates a lineage for the advice provided, making it easier for auditors to review a file and make you feel more confident and secure that you have done everything correctly.

Benefits for Financial Planners

  • Less time worrying about how prepared you are for audit
  • Less time remediating post audit
  • Overall, confidence goes up and stress goes down allowing you to get back to what you do best – engaging with clients.

Benefits for Auditors

  • Structured auditing process with all files categorised
  • Auditing becomes more efficient and streamlined
  • Spend more time on education and engagement with financial planners
  • Overall, if your Licensees and Financial Planners utilise Asendium, everyone wins.

To find out more about how Asendium can help you and your financial planning business, reach out today.

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