Can we all agree that you hard working financial planners are doing too much paperwork?

At Asendium, we take team work seriously. Our philosophy is those who learn together, stay together.

How much are you losing in revenue when your most valuable asset (your employee) leaves your business for a new company that offers better career opportunities through training, skills development, incentives and work culture that aligns with their personal motivations?

I have been talking to a lot of financial planners about their businesses as of late and apart from the enormous and growing administrative and compliance burden – the topic of choice is invariably retaining and growing clients.

Being a financial planner means that you are constantly searching the earth for your ideal client.

Every business has clients that sing your praise from the rooftops…and then there are clients that no matter what you do, will be dissatisfied with your service.

Vetting all your research and Statement of Advice can be time consuming given the delays by your dealer group’s compliance team, but is the wait worth it?

…there is another transparent area that should be of higher focus which will make your life much easier when dealing with clients going forward.

I thought to myself, “why do we need so many file notes all over the place for every category?”

Have you fallen into the bottomless pit of never ending despair while your authority to access information is being processed?

When I first started out in Financial Planning, I would assume that the clients would provide the necessary information such as assets, liabilities, budget and job information at the first meeting or after the meeting – depending on whether the client had that information available.

I don’t want to pay that much it’s too expensive!! Tell me you haven’t heard this before? This is the common response for any advice fee you put out to a client for your time, experience, and services…

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