Bill Savellis
Senior Financial Planner at Infocus Sydney Central

“I immediately saw the benefits of implementing Asendium within my practice and have adopted its processes which has allowed me to reduce the amount of administration I was spending on each client by several hours, and that’s no exaggeration."

Ben Tutton
Financial Adviser at Vital Financial Group

“The customisation process was very efficient. The team is extremely approachable, and I hear back from them usually within the hour. They are always willing to help evolve our practice and simplify our business processes."

Michael Wood
Director of New Horizons Financial Services

“As a financial planner for over 10 years, one of my pet hates has been the increasing administration work, especially with File Notes and the regulations around how detailed they now have to be. Asendium has freed up a lot of time for my staff and I to get on with advising."

Josh Yudasin
Director and Financial Planner at You Partners

“I have found that Asendium has greatly assisted me with my compliance and reduced significantly the time it takes for me to produce File Notes. The team have been very active in communicating and ensuring that I understand how to best use the system with call backs usually within 10 minutes."

Jason Rance
Director and Financial Adviser at Custodian Financial Group

“Asendium has been very accommodating to our compliance requirements. 

Our team concur that Asendium has benefitted our business. We all see the scope and benefit in using Asendium in a greater capacity moving forward."

Scott Malcolm
Director and Founder of Money Mechanics

“Asendium has been life changing! File Notes have always been my kryptonite and using this system has created a smoother process to align to our advice and client outcomes. I supervise an Authorised Representative under our CAR. Using Asendium gives me confidence they are following the right processes."
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