How Do Asendium Lite’s File Notes Work?

Let’s be honest. The current way to complete financial advice documents is archaic. The vision of Asendium is to reduce the repetitive and manual task of generating compliance documents over and over again. With this in mind, how do Asendium Lite’s File Notes actually work?

What Is At Our Core?

At the core of Asendium Lite are the compliance standards outlined by ASIC, FASEA and guided by your Dealer Group’s compliance framework. We work with you to customise our infrastructure in terms of input variables and output variable, to reflect your compliance process and work within our core framework.

Asendium LIte’s structured online File Notes are simple to use, easy to adopt for you and your staff and built around your process, so minimal adjustment to a new system is needed. Throughout Asendium Lite you will have the ability to request information boxes be added, which are question marks (?) that appear  throughout Asendium Lite. The boxes provide guidelines around appropriate responses and  information regarding the next steps. All our information boxes align with the current compliance standards and can be worked for client facing engagement or for a more planner driven experience, providing guidance on what is to be documented.

We work with you and/or your dealer group to construct the content and information boxes to ensure that at every point throughout our File Notes, you will know what to cover and feel assured you and your team have followed your compliance process.

Asendium Lite’s Input Framework

When it comes to Asendium Lite’s input framework, we focus on being financial planner driven. What we mean by this is, we take the mannerisms of the financial planner, structure and content required by your dealer group and design it in an easy to navigate solution.

We focus on removing the repetitive tasks and manual data entry for subjects you frequently talk about and replace them with conditional logic that reflects the process of the financial planner – minimising the time to complete your File Note. We place emphasis on only requiring you to enter topical or conversational information once. We then use the conditional logic in the software to map this content to the other relevant areas of the File Note to reduce repetition.

Our software uses a combination of product specific tick boxes, dropdown, and empty text boxes that allow financial planners to have full control in adding the client conversations into the File Notes before you generate the document.

Asendium Lite’s Output Framework

Flowing on seamlessly from the input sections of Asendium Lite, you will receive either a word document or a PDF based on your request. When you receive the output, you will notice that we tailor the output according to your personal mannerisms, writing style and form structure in terms of how you want the File Note displayed – i.e. conversational structure or table structure. We build our infrastructure around you so that no two File Notes are the same and you don’t need to change your process – we simply automate it.

If you think about your current File Noting process, Asendium Lite has demonstrated in multiple occasions, with our existing users, that we are more efficient than speech recording your meeting notes and having them transcribed, handwritten, typed and even more efficient than using voice to text software.

We are confident in our ability to automate inefficiencies to create a new way of doing things in your business and have reduced the time to complete File Notes from 30-60 minutes to under 5-10 minutes. Go from 1-2 File Notes per hour to 10-20 File Notes per hour.

Two For The Price Of One

Our File Notes don’t stop there. We can produce client friendly versions and non-client friendly version of our File Note outputs, this then allows you to provide an e-signature on the client friendly version for those of you who wish to receive client acknowledgement and sign off at every stage of your advice process. Allow Asendium to take the hard work from you and replace it with simple automation to create a great client experience while reducing your workload on the back end.

How Does The File Note Conditional Logic Work?

We have build Asendium Lite’s File Notes similar to a funnel. The options available for selection start wide and works down into the detail of the File Note.

It starts by selecting what’s ‘in scope’. The conditional logic surrounding our online File Note will remove the non-relevant areas of advice, discussions and questions, and marks them as ‘out of scope’ or ‘not relevant’. In doing this, we make sure you only complete the areas of the File Note that are relevant to the client discussion; meaning that you are not doubling up on additional work and you’re only addressing what is needed.

You Control The Flow

At every stage of your Asendium personalisation and development, we place you at the forefront of how we shape, sculpt and design the solution. Working with us is a collaborative experience where we work together to build a highly efficient process for you and your team; now and in the future.

Asendium provides you with the control to determine the direction of your business. As a community of financial planners from across Australia, the collective knowledge of the profession grows as we come together to sculpt Asendium as we evolve into the future of advice delivery.
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