How Does Asendium Lite Fit Into Your Tech Stack?

A common question we get asked is, “How does Asendium Lite fit into my tech ecosystem?"

Like many businesses, you probably have an array of tech solutions plugged into one another to form a mega tech solution designed specifically to the needs of your financial planning practice.

When designing Asendium Lite, we wanted to build a tech solution that had an easy application for financial planners as we understood that time should be spent on revenue generating activities, rather than, time wasted on learning complex tech solutions.

Asendium Lite sits separately to every CRM and tech solution you are currently using. Designed for ease of use and accessibility, financial planners can access their Asendium Lite account at any time, with no possibility of inaccurate transfer of information that may occur when two or more tech solutions are required to work together.

To use Asendium Lite in your tech ecosystem, log into your Asendium Lite account through your web browser and generate your desired compliance documents. Each document has a save function where you can save your File Notes, Terms of Engagement or Fact Find at any stage of completion, allowing you to complete your compliance documents in your own time.

Once you are satisfied with your entries in Asendium Lite, hit generate to produce either a word document or editable PDF (determined by your compliance document preferences) which is sent to your Outlook or email provider. You may choose to edit the document further before saving it as a non-editable PDF where you can upload and attach to your client’s file in your chosen CRM.

It’s truly as simple as that.

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