Increase Employee Engagement, Motivation and Participation

If you haven’t already checked out Yarno’s blog posts, they have some awesome content regarding the biggest learning trends in 2019 . When our team read this article, we thought, “This could be a fun experiment. Let’s see what works for us." What turned out to be an experiment ended up changing how our team incorporates learning and self-development. 

At Asendium, we take team work seriously. Our philosophy is those who learn together, stay together…or something to that effect. Since April, we have incorporated a “Philosophy Friday" where we take the Friday afternoon to bond as a company and discuss topics of interest at our local wine bar. Nothing is off limits. We found that open discussions helped us brainstorm ideas for the business that we wouldn’t normally think of. Some of our best ideas and marketing strategies have come from Philosophy Friday. The comradely we felt as a group allowed us to break down the traditional manager/employee barriers. By encouraging anyone to speak their mind and have a constructive discussion on the various topics that arose, we were able to increase our cognitive diversity to a whole new set of individuals who had unique ideas and opinions. 

Mark Eggers from Yarno believes that having team focused training activities is a great way to increase employee engagement. Mark finds that Yarno customers who utilise their team competition feature are likely to see training participation rates hit 80-90%. He states, 

At Yarno, we love to encourage a mate vs mate, state vs state competition and will see a lot more collaboration as a result. It’s not uncommon for a team to do their Yarno questions together standing around in a huddle in an attempt to overtake another team or department in their company!" 

At Asendium, we believe that the role that we hire for, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the role that you must stay with in the long run. To encourage self-directed learning, our executive team recommends 3-5 books each month relevant to their field. We encourage our employees to borrow these books and learn about topics that may help them advance in their career. Each month the books are posted to our company group chats. Check out what we’ve recommended for this month. 

And finally, we love gamification! What better way to ensure that your employees are staying updated on the latest industry-related learnings than through gamification. If you wish to incorporate gamification into your business, Mark suggests starting out with the teams you know will naturally compete with each other (sales vs engineering is always a heated battle for instance). He finds that when rolling out the Yarno system to their clients, “the first campaigns you run are best limited to those select groups who you know will fiercely compete." Once the campaign is underway, you will find that “the fear of missing out starts to creep in and the other team members will want to get involved."

Mark also says that “we find the most powerful driver of competition are often intrinsic motivators such as being seen as the most knowledgeable person in the room."

With only a few simple changes to your business, you will be able to increase your employee engagement, motivation and participation by ten fold. As always, we’d love to hear ways in which you have transformed your work culture and increased participation in your business. 

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