Andrew has over 20+ years of experience designing, building and delivery bespoke software solutions for businesses across the globe and setting up and managing the support infrastructure needed to service a successful software business. He is driven by his passion for helping both individuals and businesses to optimise their operations and to be more astute with managing their finances and loves using the scalable nature of software to be able to provide these solutions to the general public and in multiple countries. 

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2016 - Developed, designed and delivered Australia's first real-time, 100% accurate utility optimisation website
  • 1997-2018 - Developed and supported client dashboards for every complex spectrum auction in Australia
  • 2002-2012 - Designed, developed and rolled out a suite of bespoke pricing and profitability software solutions for telecommunications carriers in Australia, Asia and Europe
  • 2001 - Designed and delivered Australia's first 100% accurate online telecommunications optimisation website

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