Asendium is joined by Simon Franklin from Dequity Partners. who will lend his expertise in capital raising, financial services and international expansion strategy.

He has over 20 years experience as a company director, business strategist and growth influencer. He has a diverse skill set in private equity, risk management, consulting and advisory services. His focus is on assisting early stage technology companies enter Australian and international markets across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Simon holds a number of international and domestic directorships and advisory positions across a range of businesses.

Simon is excited to work with the team at Asendium which he believes has an opportunity to be a true global disruptor of an industry. He said, “It’s not every day that you meet a founding team that has the drive, ambition and the expertise to execute their vision. It takes much more than just technology solutions to be successful and I have every confidence Asendium has all the building blocks of success."

Currently the Managing Director of Dequity Partners, Simon is excited to join the Advisory Board as Chairperson to assist Asendium in their capital raising efforts and commercialisation strategy as they continue to work towards the long-term vision of providing financial planners with the tools to deliver next day, comprehensive and personalised advice.
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