New Dealer Group Chooses Asendium as their Core Compliance Management System

New dealer group, Finchley & Kent, launches in August 2020 with Asendium as its core compliance management system. The directors, Sam El Shamma and Phillip Alexander have over 65 years of combined industry tenure with extensive experience and productivity in the provision of personal advice to the retail consumer.

Finchley & Kent is driven by the vision of being a technology focused dealer group where financial planners and technology solutions co-exist to deliver affordable advice to more Australians. Finchley & Kent is planning to grow rapidly but steadily, with a focus on careful recruiting, as they set their sights on becoming a mid-tier dealer group by 2025 as financial planners now look for dealer groups who are working to make their lives easier through technology while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

In recent years, the financial planning industry has had to deal with the Royal Commissions, FASEA, LIF, FOFA and ASIC’s increased scrutiny. The old way of delivering advice is just not sustainable for the average financial planner to remain solvent and return a profit at the same time. The financial planning industry has reached a “fork in the road".

Finchley & Kent will provide financial planners with an ecosystem of technology solutions that enhance their client engagement and delivery of advice. With first-hand experience, Sam and Phillip understand the power of utilising technology to improve processes and compliance for maximum client value.

We created Finchley & Kent with one vision in mind – we want to help financial planners get their lives back. We know what financial planners need and what it takes to operate a profitable practice in today’s climate. We believe that Asendium is going to be a leader in revolutionising how financial planning is delivered, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this change.

Asendium will be providing Finchley & Kent with a structured compliance management system that delivers efficient documentation for advice generations ranging from Fact Finds and File Notes – with more to come.

As an ex-financial planner, it’s refreshing to see a dealer group that is looking for ways to help financial planners adopt technology to assist in delivering comprehensive advice more efficiently, instead of looking for ways to hamstring them with an overburden of compliance documents and forcing them to manually develop them. I believe Sam and Phillip’s vision for Finchley & Kent is a turning point in the industry. I believe financial planners will welcome this change as it not only assists the financial planners in delivering quality compliant financial advice, but it also gives them back their work life balance. – Scott Miller

Being a customer-led company, we are delighted to have Finchley & Kent as a valued user of Asendium. For more information about Finchley and Kent, please visit their website.
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