Valenta BPO is focused on streamlining business processes through bespoke technology solutions, and staffing for operations. Their strong presence across geographies, backed by an efficient team with extensive financial services experience, helps them provide outsourcing solutions to hundreds of businesses across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. With delivery centres in India and Malaysia, they are able to deliver 24/7 outsourcing solutions that provide 60% cost savings. 

About Valenta and Asendium

Leverage Asendium’s technology solutions together with Valenta’s outsourcing resources to streamline operational efficiencies and dramatically increase your profit margins.

Fourth Line is a rigorous risk management and compliance system that empowers and enables advice practices, licensees and other wealth management participants to demonstrate they are taking responsible steps to act in the clients best interest. Fourth Line reviews advice against:

  • Safe harbour obligations
  • Legislative and regulatory risks
  • AFCA outcomes
  • ASIC regulations and enforcement

Fourth Line uses algorithmic approaches to simplify the complexity in advice reviews whilst maintaining critical human oversight. Fourth Line empowers compliance teams to coach and develop strong advice behaviours through data driven insights from analytics for adviser, practice/dealer group and industry benchmark comparison providing a centralised document storage and access portal to meet regulatory requirements.

About Fourth Line and Asendium

Our experience has identified that the best quality advice occurs when it is reviewed before the advice is issued to the customer, as opposed to through a retrospective review or a regular audit program. Integration between Fourth Line and Asendium means that you can ensure the quality and content of your advice is in your client’s best interest.