Some Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes

When submitting an insurance application, it can be a stressful and painstakingly long process for you and your clients, and while you feel it’s your moral obligation to help every person who seeks your service, sometimes your hands are tied if your client has a pre-existing condition that may lead to a flat our ‘no’ from insurance providers.

But wait – there are silent superheroes who specialise in getting your clients approved for a variety of insurances through their deep understanding of insurance policies available in Australia. These superheroes are Special Risk Managers.

Established in 2004, SRM have had over a decade of experience and have received enquiries from more than 600 financial planners. SRM helps you and your client obtain Life, TPD, Income Protection and Trauma Insurances for over 88 pre-existing disabilities and illnesses listed on their website.

SRM offers their service in two ways; individuals can approach them directly for insurance or you, as the financial planner, can outsource the process of obtaining insurance.

Now, you might be wondering, why the heck should I use their services? Isn’t that my role as the financial planner?

Yes and no.

While you are an expert in providing financial strategies that covers a wide range of areas including insurance, investment, superannuation, estate planning, retirement planning etc, SRM specialises in risk advice and the various niches within. With extensive underwriting knowledge, SRM are often able to deliver underwriting outcomes that other advisers are not. With an in-house preplanning team at the ready, SRM are able to efficiently review multiple Product Disclosure Statements, comparing and analysing the various insurance offerings on the market. They are also able to deliver claims outcomes for clients due to their extensive expertise and ability to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy.

The process to getting started with them is simple. You fill out an enquiry form online or call them directly to speak to an SRM representative. Once you have advised the representative of your client’s financial circumstances, needs and objectives (including the type of insurance and amount of cover needed), SRM will then utilise their significant resources to try and obtain terms that aligns with the overall financial strategy you have developed.

While SRM do not guarantee a successful application or claims outcome, they are confident that a simple conversation with them can help change the lives of your clients and their families. Visit their website today for a chat that’ll change lives. And, if you’re looking for an efficient way to deliver high quality advice in minutes, check out Asendium Lite – because it’s really as simple as Tick. Edit. Generate.
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