Asendium Lite started as a way to automate the internal advice documents for First Class Wealth, a humble financial planning practice led by Scott Miller (Practice Principal and Financial Planner) and William Kim (Research Associate), became an obvious solution that the industry was lacking.

One of the reasons why the team at First Class Wealth left the financial planning industry was because of the significant amount of compliance paperwork that consumed all our time. We were frustrated with the lack of software solutions out there that were specifically designed from a financial adviser’s perspective to reflect the nuances of the financial planning process. We soon realised that in order to have a solution tailored to suit how financial advisers delivered advice, we had to be the ones who did it. So, in 2017, we shifted our focus to Asendium Lite.

CEO and Co-Founder
Scott Miller
COO and Co-Founder
William Kim
CCO and Co-Founder
Sharon Lee
Simon Franklin - Dequity Partners

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