Sydney based Regtech Asendium, is delighted to have technology executive John De Angelis join their Advisory Board, alongside Michale Dodge and Chairperson, Simon Franklin.

Former AMP Director of Technology (AFS), John has over 25 years' experience in developing, scaling and commercialising wealth technology platforms for three of Australia's key Financial Institutions (ANZ, ING and AMP) with a keen focus in data security and international applicability. Having managed over 500+ employees, John will be bringing his expertise in strategic leadership for IT, future technologies and people capabilities over to Asendium as they scale across Australia and internationally.

I'm extremely excited to join the Advisory Board of Asendium. The opportunity to provide financial planners a new age platform that will ensure their ever-growing compliance obligation are delivered efficiently and most importantly, with the quality it deserves. The Royal Commissions have created these necessary obligations and technology advancements are at a point where automation through cloud services can deliver personalised and comprehensive advice much more cost effectively, with better experiences for both financial planners and their clients." – John De Angelis

Who is Asendium?

Founded in 2019, Asendium is an automated compliance document generation system for financial planners that reduce the time to complete documents. By automating the non-impactful parts of compliance documents, while still leaving the client conversations and rationale free for financial planners to input, Asendium's intuitive and customisable system has proven to increase the efficiencies for financial planners and their teams by up to 90%. Asendium focuses on the micro efficiencies that create a macro impact by turning complex problems into simple solutions.

Scott Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Asendium explains,

Having been a financial planner myself, I used to spend more than 30-40 hours a week on compliance documentation just to provide simple advice. With FOFA, the Royal Commissions, and now FASEA, the level of compliance is only getting worse with financial planners becoming more like administrators than experienced wealth creators.

At the heart of Asendium is a relationship led team that focuses on collaborating with financial planners, licensees and their compliance teams to design a structured, comprehensive and highly efficient process that is customised and built from the ground up within their flexible tech infrastructure. John is excited to assist Asendium in data security, IT architecture and an amalgamation of big data as they continue to work towards the long-term vision of providing financial planners the tools to deliver next day, comprehensive and personalised advice.

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