Scott Miller, CEO of Asendium, took the stage to address the delegates at the Opening Ceremony for The IFA Future Forum 2021.

Scott spent many years as a financial adviser, and he truly loved his job. When he started out in advice, he spent 80% of this time with clients, and about 20% of his time in document creation and compliance management. By the time he had finished his financial advice career, that ratio had inverted, and his business spent a disproportionate amount of time on paperwork.

Filling out paperwork wasn't the reason he entered advice and he had no desire to continue on that path. He know there had to be a better way, but that didn't exist yet. And so, Asendium has built it. 

Asendium was born from the vision of making next day advice possible for comprehensive and personalised advice across multiple scopes of advice.  

Built on the guiding principles of “automate what you can, humanise where you must", our hyper focused advice creation solution targets the:

  • elimination of double handling of data
  • removal of unnecessary costs to create advice
  • production of uniformed and consistent advice
  • evolution of traditionally manual data entry roles to high performing, strategic roles

The future of advice is not just about surviving, it's about thriving. The team at Asendium is excited to lead the way in helping advisers achieve that future.