What We’ve Learnt From COVID-19

Over human history, we have had 11 pandemics, each increasing in severity and impact on the economic and cultural shifts through society. In the midst of COVID-19, it’s become evident that technology is quintessential to the sustainability of businesses. 

We have seen a shift in how social gatherings can occur through technology with the entertainment industry taking the lead. Universal Pictures
are experimenting with streaming cinema movies at the same time as cinema theatre releases. Netflix has created a Chrome extension at the same time as cinema theatre releases. In the last few months, Zoom Video Conferencing has seen a spike in popularity as many people transition to work from home, with their share prices increasing by 101% since January. All these companies have altered the way they deliver essential social interactions by repurposing technological solutions to create new forms of social gathering. 

The entertainment industry is not alone. ASIC is developing additional Regtech initiatives to help with the evolving nature of COVID-19. With a previously established Innovation Hub for Fintech and Regtech products and services, ASIC understand the need to help startups, scale ups and established businesses who are seeking to provide innovative new solutions seek informal assistance around navigating the complex compliance regulatory requirements. 

What we’ve learnt from COVID-19 is the need for businesses to find creative ways to deliver exceptional products and services across an array of mediums through flexible work environments that don’t detract from the collaborative nature of face-to-face work. 

This experience has demonstrated that technology doesn’t replace or detract from human-centred employment but can be used to enhance the way we offer our products and services. Tech solutions, particularly financial planning tech solutions, need to be flexible to changing social and global environments. 

Asendium is adjusting to the current climate by working with financial planners to build an engaging client experience with a Digital Fact Find designed for Zoom engagement. The benefit of Asendium is that its mobile, tablet and PC friendly and can be designed to be client friendly. We believe working with clients from a distance is now more convenient than ever, as advice can be done anywhere, anytime. Our vision is to make financial advice accessible for every Australian and deliverable by every financial planner. Asendium seeks to elevate the human process through technology to deliver a better customer experience.  

Let’s learn from this pandemic and strengthen our business models for a more sustainable and flexible environment. 

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